Teresa is Committed to Strengthening Democracy,

tackling homelessness, boosting businesses and making Arroyo Seco, Boyle Heights, Downtown LA, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights more accessible for all!

Teresa is Committed to Strengthening Democracy,

tackling homelessness, boosting businesses and making Arroyo Seco, Boyle Heights, Downtown LA, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights more accessible for all!

“Teresa Lives Her Talk. This Is Just Her Beginning. Looking Forward To Her Win In 2024!”

– Carol B.

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The Voices CD14 Deserve to be Heard!

Housing is a human right, life is precious, and allowing our neighbors to live on the street is inhumane.  With the City’s commitment of nearly $1.3 billion to end the human tragedy of homelessness, I am determined to bring as many people as possible inside temporary and permanent supportive housing and to reduce the risk of falling into homelessness by protecting tenants.

My experience with the complexities of homelessness has been a driving force for years, leading me to advocate on Capitol Hill for affordable housing legislation.  I worked alongside homeowners to help build their future home.  I established a residential real property legal group to educate attorneys on landlords’ and tenants’ rights and obligations.

I will work towards increasing access to housing affordable to extremely low-income households – those making 30% of the Area Median Income, expanding homelessness prevention programs such as financial support, legal assistance, mental health, substance abuse programs, prevention and transition services at institutional exits, eviction protections, job training, transportation and assertive outreach to support increasing receipt of benefits.

Skid Row has the highest homeless population in Los Angeles.  As we deem homelessness as a humanitarian crisis, we cannot leave Skid Row behind.  It is a community that deserves respect and resources to thrive like other neighborhoods in CD 14.  We have an opportunity to transform Skid Row from within, and I am committed to empowering and creating a greater sense of community among those who are housed and unhoused.

CD 14 has been taken advantage of by career politicians who have used the seat for their own personal gain, resulting in costly corruption and scandals.  As an attorney, I am a trustworthy problem solver.  I embrace honesty, respect, and transparency—values that strengthen communication and foster understanding.  One thing I will do to strengthen our democracy is increase the support to our neighborhood councils.  They play an advisory role on important matters that impact our district life and policy like development, homelessness, mobility, and emergency preparedness.  They receive approximately $32,000 each year to support their activities that include encouraging stakeholders to participate in the political decision-making process.  I will listen to different perspectives, keep the community informed with substantive updates, and make it easier to track where CD 14 funds come from and how they are used. 

During the pandemic in 2020, I survived an 18-wheeler totaling my car on Hwy 5.  Since I worked and lived downtown, I committed to taking public transit for one year.  Four years later, I never replaced my car.  As an avid Los Angeles public transit rider, I am committed to doing my part to contribute to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment where we live, work, and play because life is worth protecting. 

The City’s budget allots $64 million for sidewalk repairs, $20 million for access ramps, and $8 million to improve bus shelters and benches throughout Los Angeles.  I am committed to improving equitable infrastructure to make our district more walkable.  I will fight for our fair share of resources to reduce deaths and injuries by focusing on neighborhoods with high KSIs, advocating for strategies such as Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs), scrambled crosswalks, and No Right Turn on Red (NRTOR) signals.  Policies that consider pedestrians, cyclists, children, the elderly, and those with mobility challenges will be a priority because everyone should experience peace of mind while enjoying life in CD 14. 

The City’s $13 billion budget allots funding to increase the staffing levels of LAPD officers, civilians, LAFD firefighters and paramedics.  While they are charged with keeping us safe, not all communities feel protected.  The relationship between people of color who feel unprotected and police who feel unsupported is a concern.  I am committed to bringing healing and mutual respect to strengthen that relationship through positive interactions, accountability, and transparency.

Safety also includes investing in well-designed and maintained streets and sidewalks, adequate street lighting, housing and livable wages, transportation, youth programs, mental health and other social services that contribute to a strong sense of community. 

I am committed to advocating for a budget that reflects these values and a belief that every life has a purpose for the greater good.

Small businesses are the backbone to our local economy, and my vision for CD 14 is one where businesses not only survive but thrive.  To support small, minority, and women-owned businesses in the face of adaptive challenges like crime, Metro projects, permitting costs, and more, I will work towards a comprehensive approach that includes crime prevention and safety programs, well-managed infrastructure and Metro projects, streamlined permitting process, access to resources and local sourcing. 

I will work closely with the Bureau of Contract Administration and other City departments, Chambers of Commerce, and Small Business Administration to provide information, education and resources to grow and sustain a profitable business model that will offer livable wages to give people more life. 

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